We are a team of architects, artists and graphic designers who have combined their passion for creating visualizations. We have a lot in common and we form a harmonious group, but each of our eight is different, and in a joint work puts a bit of himself. Thanks to this, our projects are not only refined to the smallest detail, but also unconventional.

We are not standing still. We are constantly developing. Not only increasing our team, but also systematically building experience and expanding skills.

What we do? We transform vision into reality. We create unique “photographs” that tell stories, evoke emotions and inspire recipients.

We are based in Gdansk, but neither the city nor the country borders are barriers to our creativity. We work with developers, architects and advertising offices from all over Poland and around the world.

Michał Krzemiński
Jakub Lemka
Year Project Award
2018 Competition "Central Park Gdynia" - ArchDeco First Prize
2018 Competition "STOS" in Gdańsk - ArchDeco First Prize
2017 Competition Toruńska Housing Gdańsk - BJK Architekci First Prize
2015 Stadium Olsztyn - PIG Architekci First Prize
2015 Stadium Chorzów - PIG Architekci First Prize
2015 Centrum Medycyny Nieinwazyjnej in Gdańsk - ArchDeco First Prize
2014 „Nowa Marina Gdynia” - studio Kwadrat First Prize
2014 Panorama Business Park - Nova Investment Ltd. First Prize